Voice Guidance decal 5.5″ x 1.05″


This decal is our standalone “Insert headphones to initiate speech mode Speech Mode” decal.  It is 100% ADA compliant as the Braille is located below the text.  This decal features a dark NCR gray background and white characters.  All of our decals are printed using high-quality polycarbonate film and have 3M 468MP adhesive applied to the back side for quick and secure adhesion to your ATM.  This decal features our Solid Dot Braille technology which will last up to 3 times longer on your machine than our competitor’s embossed technology.  Contact us today to order this decal or ask about our full line of NCR Braille directional decal set.


Certifying our Braille decals 2010 DOJ compliant:

We will certify that the Braille on our decals is compliant to the 2010 DOJ (effective March 15, 2012) and 2014 California A.D.A requirements for Braille signage on publicly accessed ATMs and kiosks. Our dot spacing and height; cell, word and line spacing has been perfected.

Click below for more information on the Department Of Justice ADA Compliance: http://www.ada.gov/regs2010/2010ADAStandards/2010ADAstandards.htm#pgfId-1006537

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