Aircraft Filters

Specializing in design and fabrication of sunlight readable filters and legend plates for aircraft cockpit instrumentation in both NVIS and non-NVIS.


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Aircraft Filters for Marine One

For over 30 years SysTech Displays, Inc. has been working with The United States of America Department of Defense who established requirements for the emission characteristics of aircraft lighting and display equipment that is intended for use with night vision imaging systems (NVIS). It is applicable to all systems, subsystems, component equipment, and hardware that provide the lighting environment on aircraft where NVIS is employed.  In 2017 SysTech Displays, Inc. was honored to provide NVIS components for the United States Marine Corps aircrafts Marine One helicopters which are operated by Marine Helicopter Squadron One “Nighthawks” for the purpose of transporting the President of the United States.  

Aircraft Filter Lenses

At SysTech Displays, Inc. all of our Aircraft Filter lenses can be manufactured to meet military or Federal Aviation Administration “FAA” Night Vision Imaging Systems “NVIS” compliance as well as standard aviation colors. Although a standard thickness tolerance is +/-.004” SysTech Displays can manufacture the lenses to +/- .002”. The standard length and width tolerance is +/-.005” but the lenses can be manufactured to +/-.002”.

Aircraft Filter Products

        (a)   NVIS compliant multi-segment lens light-blocked to prevent light leaks between segments. Front side has our VA6 low-reflective coating on the front side, and our VA6-D diffusion coating on the back side 

(b)   NVIS or aviation colored graphics with black background

(c)   Back-lighted filter strip with translucent white characters. These can be manufactured using any background color

 (d)   Standard .555” square lenses to fit several manufacturers’ lamp housings

 (e)   CNC machined lens can be made to any configuration

 (f)    We can produce segmented parts.  We’re able to create two or more legends for the same lamp housing including different colored filters for each.