STD-D-4117-1C Diebold Opteva Braille Set


This is our standard Braille decal set for the Diebold Opteva series of ATMs.  This set includes correctly engineered and diecut shapes to perfectly fit your Diebold Opteva ATM fascia.  Our set is made from high-quality polycarbonate film, dark Opteva gray color background with white characters.  Because we only use the icons and not words, our Braille decal set is 100% ADA compliant.  This set includes the faux card without Braille applied; however, if you require a faux card with Braille, we can help with that too.  See part number STD-D-CARD-1B in our catalog.  This set includes the most common decals required for the Diebold Opteva line of ATM machine and features 3M 468MP adhesive on the rear side for quick and long-lasting adhesion to your ATM.  Our Solid Dot Braille technology means that this decal set will stay ADA compliant up to 3 times longer than our competitor’s embossed Braille method.  Contact us today to find out more or order this set.  We can provide your organization an account or take your credit card for payment.  Ask us about bulk pricing to make all your ATMs up to date.





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