Hyosung-16A / Hyosung 7800DC Braille Decal Set


Our standard, complete Braille decal set for the Hyosung 7800DC model of ATM.  The set includes all of the necessary directional decals guaranteed to fit your machine.  The Insert Card, Take Receipt, Take Cash and Insert Cash/Check decals are engineered to show the back lighting through the decal so that they light up correctly.  All of our sets are made to be 100% ADA compliant.  They are made from high-quality polycarbonate films with 3M 468 adhesive applied to the rear side for quick and long-lasting adhesion.  This set is printed on 15mil polycarbonate to best fit the machine contour and fascia thickness.  Our Solid Dot technology Braille means that this decal set will last up to 3 times as long as our competitor’s embossed Braille.  Contact us today to learn our our tiered pricing–the more you purchase, the better the price.

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