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Offering braille instruction panels, voice guidance braille signage, embossed audio signage, bank network decals for banks, and ATM refreshers.

Manufacturing ATM decal products since 1989

We have been producing ATM decal products for more than three decades. Our clients are major banking institutions. We have been maintaining a 100% quality rating by inspecting our clients’ products during several stages of production and packing. Quality assurance is our specialty.

Certifying our Braille decals 2010 DOJ compliant

We will certify that the Braille on our decals is compliant to the 2010 DOJ (effective March 15, 2012) and 2014 California A.D.A requirements for Braille signage on publicly accessed ATMs and kiosks. Our dot spacing and height; cell, word and line spacing has been perfected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us directly if you have further questions about any of our products. ATM Signage. Custom ATM Signage. Kiosk Signage. Aircraft Filters. Keycap Insert Sets.

Q: What is California Braille?

A: In 2014 California develop specific requirements for ATM and building signage. The Braille dot diameter, dot spacing, and dot height is the same as the DOJ Braille requirements approved in 2010, effective 3/15/12. The spacing between Braille cells is larger for California Braille. However, while California Braille meets all DOJ Braille requirements, DOJ Braille does not necessarily meet all California Braille standards.

Q: Embossed Braille vs. “Welded Dot” Braille

A: Embossing print films causes micro cracking at the base of each Braille dot. Over time in an outdoor environment, or when sunlight directly contacts Braille, the dots do two things. They “relax” causing the dot height to decrease, and the base of the dots will crack so that the dots can be picked off. Using our “welded dot technology” eliminates both of these issues, therefore keeping the Braille compliant throughout the life of the decal.

Q: Why are Braille signs required on drive-up ATMs

A: There are government sponsored programs that help visually-impaired persons travel to school or work in taxicabs. Using an ATM from the back seat of a taxicab is much safer for a person with visual impairments.

Q: What is the required Braille dot height for DOJ compliant Braille

A: .025” – .039”